30 All-Time Best Of Hilariously Wholesome “My House, Not My Cat” Moments

80 All-Time Best Of Hilariously Wholesome “My House, Not My Cat” Moments

Being a homeowner (or just a home-dweller in general) means that you probably have a list of must-haves that you just can’t live without.

However, what do you do when there is a house that you currently inhabit, but there is also a thing that you don’t own, but it popped up anyway? Like, it’s your house, but not, say, your cat?

This particular phenomenon has become a meme of sorts, and the photos just keep on coming and coming. Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean.

Best Of hilariously wholesome cat moments : 1.

This Is Swirl Who Was My Cat, The Kitten Is Not

He loved kittens and would steal people’s kittens and bring them home. He’s no longer with us so I miss those days of coming home to a random kitten in the house

Since nearly anything these days can be called a meme, as long as it’s viral and reproduces easily as a concept, it’s safe to say that “my house, not my cat” has become somewhat of a meme in the past few years.

If you don’t believe me, example number one, example number two, example number three… need I say more?

“My house, not my cat” has a simple premise: it’s a piece of visual content that captures a cat, usually domesticated, but not necessarily, inside someone’s home, but that particular someone doesn’t own a cat. Or if they do, this specific one is not theirs. And then you’re left with the confusion of finding out whose cat is it anyway, let alone how it got there.

But, let’s start at the beginning. There’s a behavior that cats have called roaming. Just like humans with a healthy mindset, cats too love to just walk around all the time. But not down a particular path, but rather to wander. Also, just like humans sometimes do, I guess. This is completely normal behavior in cats—they, again, like humans, love their independence and know what’s around.


This Is My Garden. These Were Not My Cats. But They Are Now

Mamala, the tortie, hung around for years bringing various kittens into the yard to show them off and have a quick meal, then scurry away. We could admire them from afar, but could never touch her. Finally she brought these 4 beauties to us and decided to stay in the yard. One cold snowy winter day, she and the kids walked through our slider into our bedroom and two years later she’s still with us with two of the babies. All are now spayed and neutered. Two found homes elsewhere. After living rough and being almost continuously pregnant for years she’s decided she never wants to go outside again. Never once has she asked to.

The reason cats roam is because they are curious. Simple as that.

That’s how they keep themselves entertained all the while being up to date with what’s happening in their immediate (and not entirely immediate) surroundings. By seeing new things, they can anticipate whether their territory is safe.


This Is Tupac, My Neighbor’s Cat

Tupac is very mean but decided he liked my house better a few months ago. Now I text the owners if he is here too long, they bring him home, and he comes back in a few days. But this time, he’s in my piano

From a biological perspective, hormones also give an idea why. Especially if the cat hasn’t been spayed or neutered. Males will roam about looking for a mate, while others might just have a strong hunting instinct. This can be both a good or a bad thing as cats are to some extent considered an invasive species as they do hunt down small animals like birds, mice and lizards, but they can help get rid of pests at home, so there’s that.

Now, cats are known to traditionally roam a radius of around 130 to 650 feet (or 40 to 200 meters) from their homes. At least the domestic ones who have garden space to enjoy. Farm cats, however, can roam as far as 2 miles away from home.

Since they are also territorial, they might be roaming the area that way, but urban cats have been known to share their surroundings, keep to their gardens and only roam at specific times so as to avoid conflict.


This Was My Toby, He Turned Up As A Hungry Kitten, As They Often Do

“My neighbours were very anti cat, didn’t like them at all…….until our Toby decided to visit.

He made himself at home, sleeping on their bed

Toby changed them completely, they bought him treats, cooked him chicken, they even rang to see how he was when they were away.

Sadly, we lost our dear Toby to cancer last year
We’d had him ten years, and he was very much loved by us and our neighbours.

We laid him to rest in the memorial garden, and to my surprise, I found a small plaque that they’d put on a rock nearby.
It read “Toby, he was our little friend”.

I sobbed when I read it.

(Photo shows Toby with our beloved late doggy Sausage, who our neighbours also loved.
They are shown here on a doggy bed bought by them)”


Our Fishing Bivvy, Not Our Cat

“… he just turned up and got straight onto the nearest heated cushion with built-in massage capacity (me). He then divided the night between me and my partner in our separate sleeping bags, demonstrating PhD-level expertise in getting under the covers to where it was really warm. I can fully recommend having a warm soft purry thing in the sleeping bag to enhance a night’s camping.

In the morning, he got up from his snuggle with my partner when he noticed I was making tea, and required milk – which he got, of course. The bailiffs came by and told us he’s called Leo. When we left he was still trying to get under things, on top of our pile of packed up kit! “


She Is Not My Cat. She Is Chaos

This girl often sneaks into my house, eats my cats food, naps on my favorite chair and violently tries to style my morning bed head while try to peacefully drink coffee. 

And because cats are liquid—not really, but the internet definitely has ideas—it’s understandable how they can get into a house. Easy mode is when you have a doggy (or kitty… or any other appropriate pet) door and they just use that. However, on other occasions, they might use anything from an open window to a basement crack to flat out using a chimney.

Stray cats or cats in a more dire situation than domesticated ones tend to hang around homes or even flat out B&E them because they lack the basic physical needs: they need shelter, food or water. If it’s a storm outside, of course they will try to run away from all the wetness and loud flashes. In that case, there are ways to approach it and it is often OK to even feed and care for them. With caution, of course.

But if the cat is domesticated, they don’t really have the urge for survival like stray cats do, yet they will still come to people’s homes. That’s because it’s good for cats to do that—it stimulates their mind and gives them new experiences. It ties in with that curiosity complex that they have. And if the families they visit also end up giving them treats, hey, there’s an even greater reason for them to come back!


This Is Ac The Tunnel Cat

The not my cat, turned my cat after being found in my air conditioning vent. He quickly became obsessed with my pregnant belly, and is now obsessed with the small human that I clearly created just for him

So, what are your thoughts on any of this? Do you love roaming cats and would like them to visit your house? Share your takes and stories in the comment section below!

And also be sure to visit example number one, example number two, example number three…


Went To My Friend's House The Other Evening. She Went Through To The Kitchen To Make A Drink

Whilst she was in there, I shouted to her: “I think your cat likes me” she shouted back: “I don’t have a cat”, this is what she came back to.


This Frail Old Boy, Who Is Not My Cat, Is Always Trying To Get Into My House

I’ve just got out of the shower, and come downstairs to find him fast asleep on the sofa under my daughter’s blanket. Looks like he’s here for the day!


It Only Took A Few Months For Amelia Pond To Go From “My House, Not My Cat” To “How’d You Get So Fat?!?”

For more than 20 years we’d been a dogs-only family. One day about 4 1/2 years ago, Amelia decided it was time to change that. She randomly showed up at our house, super skinny but otherwise very healthy…and then never left We really think she was dumped, because she was SO super friendly and *completely* unafraid of people…she SPRINTED inside the house the moment we opened the door, and jumped in our laps! Now she’s living as a cat should be, rotund and lazy and happy


I Left The Door Open A Moment Too Long When I Got Home One Day And This Little Goob Sprinted Inside, Circled The Living Room, And Plopped On The Floor

The first pic is what I sent to my family asking what to do about a random cat in the apartment. I lured him back outside with a packet of salmon, and all he wanted was cuddles and to go back inside.
So yeah, that’s the story of how I got adopted. He still takes very good care of me to this day


Stanley Update! To Recap, Stanley Was A Stray Who Would Visit The House To Be Fed. He Sometimes Would Appear On The Windowsill Or The Balcony

Last week we found him in front of the house, something terrible had happened to him so we brought him to the vet. The vet had to remove his eye. He’s been recuperating in our spare room since. Yesterday I brought him back to the vet to have his stitches removed, get him neutered and updated on vaccines, deworming etc. The vet said he’s healing up really well and that he’s put on weight! He’s wearing a shirt because he kept licking the anti tick and flea meds on his nape (he doesn’t seem to mind at all, he’s walking around like he wears shirts everyday).

We have decided to keep him, he’ll never be allowed outside again. He’s such a sweet cat, he loooves belly rubs and doesn’t bite. Next step is to introduce him to our sassy tortie girl.
Please tell him how handsome he looks


This Is My Patio And My Budgie, But Not My Cat

He showed up one spring hoping to mate with my two girl cats. But my girls are fixed and are permanently not in “the mood”. After breaking into my house, eating all the cat food and spraying, I looked into taking him to the Cats Home. They said he would most likely be put down as they felt he might not be easily adopted. So I decided to keep him. I buttered him up with food until I could pet him and booked him in with the vet to be neutered and microchipped. His name is Oskar and he’s been with us for 6 years.


My House, Not My Cat

I recently moved to a new house. About a week or so of living here I was coming home from the grocery store so I propped the door open so I could carry in my groceries. As I was heading back outside I noticed a kitty run into my house so I got my last bags and took them to the kitchen quick and went to see where the cat went. I found him like this (the first pic) in my living room.

So I gave him some pets and then ended up like this (2nd pic) for the next hour. He’s so sweet. He kept coming over every day to watch tv on my lap and then going to the door to leave when he was ready. He was wearing a collar but it had no tags so I decided to write a little note and attach it to the collar. I asked if he had a home and what his name was.

The very next day he returned with a note back saying his name was Finn and his address which was 4 houses down & also a phone number saying to text if I wanted to so I did. We were texting about the cat on and off all day and then we came to realize that we actually knew each other from high school. Which I thought was hilarious. Anyways, I now share custody of Finn and he is just the sweetest boy and I look forward to seeing him every day!


I Hope This Counts

I rented a house for a few nights, this beautiful cottage in the country. When I woke up the first morning I walked into the kitchen, sun slanting in, open up the door to let the morning in, and I thought to myself “the only thing missing is a cat”.
I turn around and this absolute legend bulldozed around the cottage and then promptly decided to show us who the boss was.


This Tiny Guy Showed Up In My Loft On The Full Snow Moon In February After I Had Left The Patio Door Open Accidentally

He has a wonky eye, but it doesn’t bother him.
He never left, despite our efforts to find his home. Now he lives inside with us and eats fancy cat food and sleeps in my daughter’s bed…meet Sage!


Hobocat, Pork Chops, And Friends

So those that have been following me and Hobo Cat… Hobo Cat now has brought a friend along …. who i have named Pork Chop…. Pork Chop is also not my cat… not quite as feral as Hobo Cat. But they eat together… Only arrive at night Never see them during the day… Pork Chop came late yesterday and brought a possum along which was eating next to Pork Chop… Hobo Cat sometimes arrives with a deer, which I posted pics of.. Some strangeness going on Opossum, raccoons, and Mr Fox now come as well


My Car, Not My Void

Climbed into the car when we pulled up, walked straight across my husband’s lap and cuddled up to me. Suckled on my cardigan while making biscuits on my neck. Such a beautiful kitty .I did not want to let him go!


This Is Homer!

“My partner and I met him probably 5 years ago, we never knew who he belonged to, so we fed him and he would spend most of the night with us, he ended up being my neighbours cat and his real name was “a**hole” (we named him homer we didn’t know what his name was) last year we ended up moving to a new town 3 hours away from where we used to live, it was really hard to leave homer behind, we loved him and cared for him almost like he was our own, my partner travels to melbourne and visits him sometimes!

Well a few weeks ago, our old neighbour contacted us and said he was moving and going to work in the mines and that he was looking at rehoming Homer, so of course we said yes! So In a few days our little grey man will be reuniting with us and we are so excited!”


My House, Not My Cats

“Last spring I planted Catnip with my garden herbs that I hang in pots on our fence. I didn’t grow up with cats, so I was ignorant to the fact that some cats really do find it irresistible. The huge tabby on the chair was the first one to turn up shortly thereafter. We simply call him Mister, because it’s very, ahem, obvious that he’s a male from the rear. It was clear that he had never been socialized around people. He has never been aggressive, but he was very scared of us for a good long while.

Any sudden movement would send him back on top of the fence where he was most comfortable. It has taken 9 patient months, completely on his terms, but I can finally feed him treats right out of my hand and even pet him a little bit. I think he sired 2 generations of kitties somewhere in the neighborhood in the meantime, because these friendly little kittens started showing up gradually too. You can’t tell in the photos, but they do have distinct stripes. I had never seen black tabbies before! We leave food and water out, and are very generous with the treats.

We’ve been helping to get them all fixed, too. Someone else around here also seems to be assisting with that, though I’ve not quite figured out who. If I can manage to get Mister in a carrier and get him in to be fixed, that will be a huge accomplishment. Slowly but surely, I guess. In the meantime, they come and go as they please, and you never know who is going to make an appearance on any given day. This was this morning’s swarm.”


So We Moved In To A New Place In December

“This fellow has now learned to walk quietly behind me and sneak in when I open the door from my morning coffee run. This was my morning meeting … my colleagues commented “There’s a lot of meowing, Hamlen, for someone who doesn’t have a cat””


I've Been Working On Finding This Girls True Home

Fb pages, took her to see if she’s chipped. Etc (she did have an old collar, but no tags). She is obviously pregnant, and today she started bleeding heavily, I took her to the vet and they told me her 1 kitten has passed away. So Tomo. She will have surgery to have the baby removed and to be spayed. I cannot afford this but have such a heavy heart about this kitty. So we do what we must.


This Gorgeous Boy Had Been Coming To My House For Breakfast For Years

Jack was abandoned when his humans moved 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve been working with him for at least 5 years. As soon as he started coming inside my house, not my cat, I knew it was time. He was way too skinny and covered in fur mats. He has definitely become my cat. In the 7 or 8 weeks since he became mine, he’s now fixed, has his vaccines, got a flea treatment, and had dental surgery. Now, we’re working on putting some weight on him and integrating him into the household with the cats who were always mine


My Husband… Not Our Cat

This is Samba a local street cat, he has a home a bit of a trek away but he has taken to spending time with our cats. We’ve had some pretty rainy weather and he’s decided this lap is warmer and drier than being outside or making his way home! We are in regular contact with the owner who is grateful that he gets some extra love when he’s not there


My House, My Sleeping Teen, My Grey And White Cat (Lentils), But Not My Tabby

I got home from work to find my son asleep with one of our cats and this beefcake. It’s freezing cold and apparently this guy was crying at the door so my son just let him in. Update: the beefy boy is unaltered but way to friendly to not have people or have once had people. He ate a lot of food, watched a couple of movies with us, and eventually around midnight went to the door wanting back out.

Temps were higher and the freezing rain had stopped so I let him back out. He was an absolute perfect gentleman. Lentils is chill af and even Kismet, our resident tabby about half the size of this guy, tolerated him with only a few swat


My House, Not My Cat

I live in Phoenix, AZ.
In February 2019, we saw an orange blob on the house camera feeding from the feral cat feeding bowl. *start photos top left*

I posted on the Nextdoor app “hey, is this your cat?”… no reply for about two weeks so I kept posting daily pics. Short story, I finally found his owner and she said “yep, that’s my cat.” But Sam… he just would not stop hanging around our house – day in and day out… he would get in my car, he would lay on our doormat to be sure to not miss our arrivals, and many days of watch him on the ring doorbell sitting – staring.

I finally let him in. We called him Cinnamon. And he loved his new home. LOVED. I called the owner and she said “he chose you.”
We brushed him, he really blossomed and played and slept with the other pets.
I would post funny instagram stories of “random not my cat” things and multiple Facebook posts of “look at this crazy neighbors cat.”

In November, he grew ill, so I called his owner and said “Sam is sick… I just wanted you to know.”
My husband and I took him to the vet and they gave him a few days to live… so we went through his bucket list 1. Eat tuna, 2. sit in sunny window on forbidden kitchen counter, and finally 3. lay outside under the big tree where we brought him Squeeze Up treats and bowls of ice water.
Cinnamon/Sam lasted a week – kidney failure.
Sometimes – my house, not my cat… just isn’t what it seems. I still miss that freeloading fool. *end photos bottom right* November 2019 Love couldn’t save him


I Opened My Front Door Today, And A Flea-Covered, Cuddly, Sweetheart Came Running In

I was in such shock that I first thought one of my own was getting out! She’s currently trapped in the bathroom being an adorable kitten, and tomorrow we go to the vet. My dog is already hoping we keep her
UPDATE!!! SHE HAD A CHIP!!! Her family lost her almost 2 Years Ago!!!! Mom was in TEARS. I’m so very selfishly sad, but I just made a whole family incredibly happy


I Was Told To Come Here And Tell Y’all About What Happened Over The Last 12 Hours At My House, With This Cat That Is Not My Cat, And Now These Kittens That Are Not My Kittens Or Her Kittens

So about 1:00 this morning, I went outside and this cat, that is not my cat, meows, so I call it, and it comes right to me. Now first, we have dogs, lots of dogs, and 2 are neighbors’ dogs that live outside, and yet somehow, this tiny cat just strolls right up and none of the dogs even move. Second, we live in the country and we know all our neighbors and their cats, and this is not their cat. Third, when I pick her up, it’s apparent that she has had kittens recently.

So now I’m standing outside at 1:00 AM, holding this very friendly cat that has apparently been dumped at my house, and is somehow magical and able to sneak past sleeping dogs. But now I have to carry her past the 2 outside dogs and the 6 inside dogs to get her somewhere safe….

She is absolutely fine with the whole thing. Stays snuggled in my arms. Purrs. I’m not convinced that this is real, that I’m not dreaming. So I feed the magic cat and start looking for kittens. Y’all, I searched for nearly 7 straight hours. I even enlisted my Terrier mix in the hunt. (She could find baby mice in a snowstorm with earmuffs on.)

I even walked the property playing kittens meowing sounds on my phone.
So this is the bad news, we live in the country and the likelihood of the babies being ok with all the predators here is slim, and she may have been dumped without them. So I am not giving up looking, but now I’ve got a potential surrogate mom cat. And y’all, I’ve bottle-fed kittens and if there’s a chance for a surrogate, trust me, worth it.

I reached out to my rescue friends and managed to get her lined up to be a surrogate mom to 3 orphaned kittens before noon. Unfortunately, the vet check showed that she has a lot of parasites and she’s going to have to wait 3 days before she can meet her new babies. But the vet said she should still be able to feed the babies then. So now this cat that is not my cat is not at my house anymore, she’s getting well so she can meet the kittens that are not her kittens. Told you she was magic. And I need a nap.


My House. My Coffee Table. Not My Cat

This gorgeous boy ‘lives’ 3 houses down. He’s not allowed inside his house and is always outside roaming, day or night. So now ‘Carl’ enjoys the good life at ours. He will pop back to his house late afternoon, bring back a fresh chicken wing and put it in his bowl and eat it here. Absolute legend


Soooo, This Is My Car, That Is Not My Cat

He belonged to the neighbor, but she never let him in the house, so I created a place for him in my garage. I left the windows down one night, this is what I came to the next morning.
I haven’t seen him in close to two months, when today, I see him up for adoption on a cat rescue site listed as a tripod (he recently lost a leg). They called him Sammy , which was the name of my neighbor’s cat. I’m so excited to have found him again. So, I put in an application to adopt him. Maybe he’ll actually be my cat after all

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