Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

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For countless football players and cheerleaders, the cherished ritual of proudly wearing uniforms and trotting off to school is part of the high school experience. Yet, at a certain school in Michigan, this tradition unexpectedly became a point of contention and furious debate.

One mother, Amanda Alburg, has found herself at the center of the controversy after her daughter was told to cover up while she was wearing her cheerleading uniform on the school premises.

Amanda revealed that her daughter, Marianah, a varsity cheerleader at Pinconning High School, was asked to put pants on so that her uniform wouldn’t be a “distraction to the boys.”

“I called the school office, and I was told that they are to wear pants under their uniforms at all times. It is a distraction to the boys,” Alburg said, according to a WNEM report.

Cheerleaders’ uniforms has unexpectedly become a point of contention at a high school in Michigan

Cheerleader Uniform

The enraged mother noted that Marianah’s cheerleading coach had asked them to wear their cheerleaders’ uniform to school on the day of a home basketball game. Yet, Marianah was asked to wear pants that day while they were in school.

Amanda questioned how a uniform, deemed okay by the school to be worn during a game, wasn’t good enough to be worn to school. She also noted that she never had to wear pants underneath her own uniform back when she was in school.

“I don’t feel that should be a distraction to the boys. Girls have been wearing cheer uniforms issued by the school on game days to school since I was in high school. Never had to wear pants under it,” she said.

Andy Kowalczyk, the school’s superintendent, said in an emailed statement to the news outlet that there was no mention of the uniforms being a “distraction to male students.”

He explained that the cheerleaders, on the game day that Amanda was referring to, were brought together in a conference room for a meeting. He said it was not a disciplinary meeting and also noted that the girls were wearing sweatpants at the time.

A mother, whose daughter is a varsity cheerleader, said her daughter was told to cover up even though the coach instructed them to wear their uniform to school

Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

“Athletic uniforms may not meet school dress code requirements. This is the case for the length of the cheerleading skirts. PHS would not allow students from any sports team to wear uniforms to school that do not meet those requirements,” Kowalczyk said in his statement.

He went on to say that new uniforms had been ordered and said the girls had warmup clothes during football season, which were meant to be worn during class hours.

Amanda was resolute and stood by her statement about her daughter being told to cover up.

“I know [the person] who I talked to at the school had told me it was a distraction to boys. That is what I was told personally. If they didn’t say it to the girls, I’m not sure. My daughter didn’t say that she was told that. But she was told, ‘Put pants on,’” Amanda said.

The daughter was told to “put pants on,” according to the angered mother

Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

“If they can wear their uniforms that are issued by the school to games, and it’s appropriate, it should be appropriate for school also,” the mother added.

The school held a board meeting on Monday night, Feb. 12. The meeting was attended by several parents who expressed their concerns about what they called double standards from the high school administration’s side.

“My daughter can’t wear a sports bra to practice because it’s inappropriate, but the gentlemen…I can be out at that soccer field or on the basketball court and football field, and they have their shirts off. And that is a double standard, and it’s a violation of our girls’ civil rights,” one mother said at the board meeting.

The mother said the school-issued uniform should be fine to wear in school if it can be worn during games

Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

Amanda also voiced her opinion at the meeting, and she said, “When I was in school, we all wore uniforms to school for cheerleading for game day. Now, all the girls were called into the office, [and they were] told they had to put pants or leggings on.”

Amid the storm over the school policies and dress code, Kowalczyk maintained that he believes the cheerleaders were told something different at the meeting on the day in question from what is being touted by the parents now.

“You know, the meeting was to talk about the new uniforms that are coming and to make sure you have something on and you’re not just wearing the skirt that they have now,” Andy said.

School Board President Brad Dubay said he believes the dress code “absolutely” needs to be changed.

“The dress code thing has been going [on] for a long time. Do I think it needs to be changed? Absolutely,” Brad said.

Some parents called the school out for their double standards after the issue became hotly debated

Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

School board trustee Mark Coutcher said he supported the idea of having the policies addressed and tested later this year. However, he also noted that it would take time to enforce changes to the policy.

“I wouldn’t mind trying to get those policies addressed and give them a test drive in May, and then we can maybe make some changes if necessary for next year,” Mark said and added, “It’s this whole process. Sometimes, we have to work with lawyers, and that’s a process of its own. We got to work with the ISD. It’s not that we can just snap our fingers and go through it, but the board needs to do its due diligence.”

Several people voiced their opinion on the situation on social media, with some even pointing out that the solution should include giving a lesson to the boys at the school.

“Teach your sons to be BETTER and respect people’s daughters by controlling their thoughts about them… instead of telling your daughters to wear pants,” one person wrote on Facebook, while another said, “We always wore our cheerleader uniforms to school. It helps with school spirit too. Makes you feel proud to represent your school. We wore ‘trunks’ under the skirts.”

People online said they used to wear their own uniforms to school and it was part of the school spirit

Mother Furious After School Tells Her Daughter To ‘Put Pants’ Over Cheerleader Uniform

“Maybe they should spend more time educating boys on how to control themselves,” another person added.

Another person wrote, “Wow! If the cheerleading outfit isn’t appropriate for school, then why are they required to wear it at games?!? Then the school should make the cheerleading outfit appropriate to be worn anytime!”

“Then make the cheerleading skirts longer and teach the ‘distracted’ boys to be more respectful,” another said.

“It’s not her fault,” netizens said as they shared their opinion about the ordeal

School Called Out For Double Standards After Cheerleader Is Told To Cover Up
School Called Out For Double Standards After Cheerleader Is Told To Cover Up
School Called Out For Double Standards After Cheerleader Is Told To Cover Up

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