18 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (Part 01)

59 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (New Pics)

Something my parents instilled in me from a young age is the importance of good manners. Please, thank you, yes ma’am, no sir and a polite, pleasant attitude can get you a long way. At the same time, acting like a spoiled brat can set you back and, perhaps, even get you called out online. 

We took a trip to this subreddit that’s dedicated to putting entitled individuals on blast and gathered some of their best posts below. From selfish people making demands on social media to drivers taking up as many parking spots as they like, enjoy scrolling through these examples of atrocious entitlement, and be sure to upvote the pics that make your blood boil!

#1 Entitled Petty And Second Class Woman

image 56

#2 Cursed Tinder

image 59

#3 Bro..?

image 60

Nobody wants to be seen as a pushover, and if you genuinely are entitled to something, you shouldn’t be afraid to say so. Boss refuses to accept your time-off requests even though you’ve acquired dozens of days off? Speak up. Food courier forgot half of the meal you paid for at the restaurant? You deserve to get your money back. But it’s important that we all understand what we’re actually entitled to versus what our delusions tell us we deserve.

The Entitled “Batch” subreddit (who’s name we’ve had to censor) is all about calling out individuals who believe they are owed much more than they really are. It describes itself as a place “to post and read about experiences with people who think they can always get their own way and are better than everyone,” and it’s become quite popular. With over 343k members, this online community is the perfect place to remind yourself that not everyone has great manners.

#4 Karens Will Be Karens

image 57

#5 This Karen Got Owned By My Boss

image 63

#6 This Unhinged Karen Who Hit And Bit Flight Attendants And Other Passengers On An American Airlines Flight Last July And Was Tied And Duct-Taped To Her Seat Was Fined $82,000

image 62

We’ve all encountered entitled behavior before, whether it’s a Karen demanding that a restaurant seat her party before others even though she doesn’t have a reservation or a couple expecting to get free wedding photos from a professional photographer because they went to high school together. But most of us know that this behavior is totally inappropriate, so where does it come from? 

To gain more insight on this topic for a previous Daily Trend Blog piece, we got in touch with Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Board Certified Music Therapist Al Hoberman. Al was kind enough to have a chat with us and explain how exactly people justify their entitled behavior. 

#7 She Forgave Herself For Cheating

image 61

#8 EK Breaks Store Policy And Is Upset With Outcome

image 65

#9 One Of The Busiest Beach Days Of The Year And This A-Hole Parked Like This

image 62

“Entitlement can come across as overconfidence, but turned on its head, we can see it as an expression of some kind of need,” Al explained. “Maybe it’s wanting to feel special, to be cared and provided for, or to know that you’ll be there for them. Wanting a lot is a sign that someone feels that they’re lacking a lot, whether they’re fully aware of it or not.”

#10 What The What?!

image 62

#11 When You’re Not The Baby’s Daddy

image 58

#12 Because Rents Already Cheap Enough As It Is

image 66

Al also noted that entitlement amongst family members can sometimes be a bid for connection. “Just like a young child who is all smiles at daycare, and then comes home and has a meltdown, we tend to show our most difficult feelings around people we trust,” he previously shared. “So if a family member is asking a lot of you, it may be an unconscious way of asking ‘how much can I lean on you and have you still love me?’”

#13 Your Loss!

image 64

#14 Mommy Letting Her Children Sit On The Edge Of The Cruise Ship’s Balcony During Crossing. She Got Removed From The Cruise And Claimed She Was Being Victimised

image 60

#15 She Thinks She Can’t Fired

image 63

“On the other hand, if someone has grown up in an environment where this kind of behavior was rewarded, or they observed it in others, it could be that this is just what feels normal to them,” the therapist pointed out. “They might not even see it as special treatment, it’s just what they’re used to doing.”

#16 Someone Is Hella Over It!

image 58

#17 Do You Expect Him To Give You A Ring That Costs More Than Your Rent!

image 60

#18 Entitled B***h Couple Enjoy Lunch Past Wall You’re Not Allowed To Cross (Also A Protected Habitat) At The Cliffs Of Moher

image 65

We also asked the expert for some advice on dealing with relatives who make others feel guilty about not giving into their selfish demands. “This is what practicing boundaries is all about,” Al noted. 

“It’s a common misconception that setting boundaries is about getting the other person to do something you want. Actually, it’s about figuring out what your limits are, and deciding how you’re going to respond when they’re crossed,” he explained. “Then, importantly, you communicate that decision ahead of time.”

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