20 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (Part 02)

59 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (New Pics)

We also asked the expert for some advice on dealing with relatives who make others feel guilty about not giving into their selfish demands. “This is what practicing boundaries is all about,” Al noted. “It’s a common misconception that setting boundaries is about getting the other person to do something you want. Actually, it’s about figuring out what your limits are, and deciding how you’re going to respond when they’re crossed,” he explained. “Then, importantly, you communicate that decision ahead of time.”

We took a trip to this subreddit that’s dedicated to putting entitled individuals on blast and gathered some of their best posts below. From selfish people making demands on social media to drivers taking up as many parking spots as they like, enjoy scrolling through these examples of atrocious entitlement, and be sure to upvote the pics that make your blood boil!

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#01 Roommate Crashed My Car While Borrowing It To Go To Work Then Refuses To Pay Anything Unless I Let Her Continue To Drive It In The Future

image 67

#02 Her Broke Baby Daddy/Ex Boyfriend Is Absolutely Floored That She Changed Her Netflix Password Lmao

image 72

#03 This Kevin Thinks He Should Get This Woman’s Seat Because He Boarded The Flight Before Her

image 69

“Say I have a parent who keeps giving me unsolicited parenting advice,” Al says. “My first step is to tell them it’s unwelcome, and ask them, firmly but kindly, to stop. Next, if they persist, I might say something like, ‘Listen, if you’re really not able to stop, I’m going to end our conversation. We can talk about something else another time.’”

“Of course, chances are, the person you set boundaries with is going to be upset at first. That’s where the guilt comes in,” the therapist continued. “No one wants to feel like they’re letting down someone they love, but tuning in to this caring can help you express yourself compassionately without compromising your own needs.”

#04 Came Across This Post From A Fellow Classmate. She Wants Everyone To Ask Her For Permission Before Getting Married/Taking On A Job

image 74

#05 Change Your Dog’s Name, Or My Unborn Baby’s Life Will Be Ruined

image 76 scaled

#06 This Passenger Put Her Bare Foot In between My Armrests During A 10 Hr Flight! I Noticed When I Felt Her Toenails On My Arm. Ew

image 80

While setting boundaries with entitled individuals is a good way to handle conflict, Al told Daily Trend Blog that it doesn’t prevent it altogether. “It can be an emotionally taxing process, and especially if you’re naturally conflict-averse, it’s important to have a support system in place as you go through it. This could mean speaking with friends, a partner, or a therapist, but should also include keeping in mind that you’re in a vulnerable place and treating yourself with care.”

#07 Eb Prioritizes Legroom Over Industry Safety Standards

image 81

#08 Going To His House Is Disrespectful To Her Beauty, And Shitty Pizza? Blasphemy!

image 79

#09 Someone On My College Campus Posted About Wanting Her BF Circumcised. I Hope He Dumps Her After This

image 81

We hope you’re enjoying reading through these posts, pandas. It’s never fun to have to deal with entitled people, but it certainly can be enjoyable to roast them online! Keep upvoting the pics that you find particularly atrocious, and let us know in the comments below if you’ve encountered any particularly selfish people recently. Then, if you’d like to check out even more posts calling out entitlement online, we recommend reading this Daily Trend Blog article next!

#10 Entitled Humans That Don’t Put Away Their Shopping Carts

image 79

#11 I ordered an Uber

image 68

The girl arrived and then she turned her way around and currently is 3:17 and she is going further away, almost 20 mins away, if I cancel it, Uber charges me for the amount of time she is taking, so f**k my Life, I needed to get to work.

#12 I Can’t Eat Fajitas Without Shredded Cheese. This Is Unauthentic

image 71

#13 Concert-Goer Oblivious That A Sign Held Up During A Show Actually Does Block The View For Others

image 78

#14 I’m Just Trying To Sell My Laptop

image 78

#15 Entitled B***h In My Town Mad That ALDI Wouldn’t Open A 2nd Register just For Her

image 80

#16 Found This Review A Few Years Ago. Imagine Thinking You’re Entitled To Take Someone’s Tips Because You Don’t Have Enough Money

image 70

#17 The Kardashians/Jenners Tell Us To Get Off Our A**es And Work And Here Are Some Of Their Job Postings

image 77

#18 She Thinks Her Husband Is In The Wrong! Infuriating

image 71

#19 Entitled Group Think They Deserve An Inheritance, So Want To Stop Their Mum Selling Her House To Downsize, So They Can Keep The House When She Dies

image 73

#20 Imagine Thinking You Can Drive Your Car Down The Walking Path And Into The Park For A Photo Op

image 75

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