21 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (Part 03)

59 Times People Called Out Extremely Entitled Behavior Online (New Pics)

We took a trip to this subreddit that’s dedicated to putting entitled individuals on blast and gathered some of their best posts below. From selfish people making demands on social media to drivers taking up as many parking spots as they like, enjoy scrolling through these examples of atrocious entitlement, and be sure to upvote the pics that make your blood boil!

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#01 Today, We’re Offended By: Dairy-Free Candy

image 82

#02 Today On A Flight From Philly To Denver. That’s My Sister In Front Of Her…

image 84

#03 This Lady Came Up To Me And My Dog Without Saying Anything To Me

image 85

With her young child and started petting my dog with her kid, as if it was some teachable moment. i said, “usually you ask first” and she took pictures of me while unaware and posted them online with a bad review.

#04 Meet Karen The Bridezilla

image 86

#05 Live Streaming In A Busy Af Target Ignoring Everyone Who Needed The Scanner

image 89

#06 Entitled B***h Wants A Free Birthday Upgrade

image 93

#07 My God The Entitlement

image 87

#08 Has Her Kids Play On A Phone During A Movie.. Upset When They Get Kicked Out

image 84

#09 Wow!

image 89

#10 Geez This Is How She Talks To Me After One Date

image 90

#11 This Poorly Written Letter From My Passive Aggressive Neighbor Telling Me To Remove My ‘Legally-Owned’ Plants From My Property

image 89

#12 Don’t Disturb Her Beauty Sleep!

image 83

#13 My Partner Ignored For “Not Using Manners”

image 86

#14 I Hate Market Place

image 88

#15 She Flooded The Neighbor’s Unit Yet She’s The One Being Bullied…

image 90

#16 Oh No My Underpaid Live-In Helper Uses The Loo Too Often

image 91

#17 Eb Server Who Didn’t Get Tipped By Lawyers Contacts Their Firm About It And Ends Up Fired

image 91

#18 The Mental Gymnastics With This One

image 89

#19 Onlyfans Model Blames Her Fans For Her Struggles

image 86

#20 Lets Kid Destroy Waiting Room, In Disbelief She’s Asked To Not Return

image 92

#21 Entitled Apartment Complex Refuses To Give UPS Drivers A General Code To The Gate, Surprised That Packages Are Left By The Door Instead

image 87

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