Is it a 3-wheeler or a 2-wheel E-scooter? How about both

3 Is it an electric 3 wheeler or a 2 wheel E scooter How about both

Imagine a vehicle that would allow you the convenience of carrying passengers or cargo but also the agility of a scooter for zipping through traffic and parking in tight spaces. 

Sounds like a dream, right? 

Well, it might soon become a reality with the Surge S32, a new electric vehicle from India that can transform from a three-wheel rickshaw to a two-wheel scooter in minutes.

The Surge s32 1

Surge S32. (Surge Automobiles)

How does the electric vehicle work?

The Surge S32 is based on an innovative platform called the Advanced Modular Scaleable Electric Platform (AMSEP), which houses the batteries, motor, electronics and rear wheels of the rickshaw.

The surge s32 2

Surge S32. (Surge Automobiles)

The front part of the platform has a docking area where a two-seater scooter can be attached or detached. When the scooter is connected, its rear wheel lifts off the ground, and the rickshaw’s motor and batteries power the whole vehicle.

The Surge S32 3

Surge S32 (Surge Automobiles)

When the scooter is separated, it activates its own motor and batteries and becomes a standalone vehicle. This process is called the Smart Switching Multi Powertrain (SSMP), and it only takes three minutes and a push of a button.


surge s32 4

Surge S32. (Surge Automobiles)

What are the benefits of the electric vehicle?

The Surge S32 is designed to be a versatile and adaptable vehicle that can suit different needs and preferences. Depending on the situation, users can choose to drive it as a rickshaw or a scooter, or even switch between the two modes on the go.

The rickshaw mode offers more space and capacity for transporting people or goods, while the scooter mode offers more speed and maneuverability for solo or duo rides. The vehicle is also eco-friendly, as it runs on pure electricity from a battery pack and reduces emissions and noise pollution.

The Surge S32 5

Surge S32 (Surge Automobiles)

What are the options available for this vehicle?

The Surge S32 comes in four different rickshaw body types, each compatible with a specific AMSEP. The PV body has room for two passengers behind the driver; the LD body has a pickup truck-like cargo bed; the HD body has an enclosed cargo box; and the FB body has a flatbed. All of the rickshaw configurations have a top speed of 28 mph, while the scooter can reach up to 37 mph. The vehicle also has features like LED headlights, a digital dashboard, GPS navigation and a reverse camera.

What type of driving license is required to drive this type of vehicle?

According to the company website, whether in 2-wheel or in 3-wheel mode, the Surge S32 can be driven by holders of driver’s licenses of the respective vehicle categories.

the surge s32 6

Surge S32. (Surge Automobiles)


When will the S32 be available for purchase?

The Surge S32 is currently in the prototype stage, and there is no information on its price or availability yet. However, the company behind it, Surge Automobiles, claims that it is the world’s first segment-adapting vehicle and that it has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Kurt’s key takeaways

No doubt, the Surge S32 is a unique and innovative electric vehicle that combines the functionality of a rickshaw and a scooter in one modular platform. Its goal is to provide a flexible and convenient solution for urban mobility, catering to different needs and scenarios. The vehicle is also environmentally friendly, as it uses renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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