Sci-fi solar EV never needs to plug in for a recharge

1 Sci fi solar EV finally hits the road after 17 years of development

What if you could drive a car that doesn’t require gas and never runs out of battery?That’s the promise of Aptera, a company that is revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Aptera has created an EV that harnesses the power of the sun to charge itself, eliminating the need for plugging in and charging stations. This is not just a concept, but a reality. Meet the Aptera, the world’s first solar-powered EV.

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Origins and vision of the solar-powered EV

Back in 2007, a Californian start-up embarked on a mission: to create an electric car that would eliminate the need for charging stations altogether. The idea was bold and audacious, but it laid the foundation for what would become the Aptera.

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The solar-powered EV by the numbers

In January of last year, Aptera revealed its launch edition featuring an ultra-light composite body with 700 watts of solar cells and a drag coefficient of just 0.13. Also, in each wheel there’s a motor that can get up to 60 mph in four seconds flat. It offers 32.5 cubic feet of rear storage. The Aptera can travel up to 1,000 miles on a single charge and is capable of up to 40 miles of solar-powered driving per day.

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The solar advantage

As long as the sun is shining, the Aptera will automatically recharge. Its solar cells absorb sunlight, feeding energy directly into the onboard batteries. No more pit stops at charging stations — just seamless, sustainable driving.

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Strategic partnerships to make the solar-powered EV a reality

To turn this vision into reality, the company joined forces and forged strategic partnerships with three industry leaders to make the solar-powered EV a reality.

Eve Energy for batteries: Aptera’s heart lies in its batteries. The company collaborated with Eve Energy to develop high-capacity, long-lasting battery packs. These batteries store energy from the sun and power the vehicle seamlessly.

Maxeon solar technology: The roof of the Aptera is a canvas of innovation. Maxeon’s photovoltaic cells cover the surface, harnessing sunlight and converting it into electricity. With 700 watts of solar cells, the Aptera constantly replenishes its energy reserves.

Slovenian in-wheel electric motors: Aptera’s wheels house cutting-edge electric motors, allowing each wheel to function independently. These motors deliver impressive acceleration, reaching 100 mph in just four seconds — a feat that rivals sports cars.

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Safety of the solar-powered EV

There aren’t any official crash results yet, but here’s what Aptera has to say about safety in their FAQ: Is Aptera safe?

“We will not know Aptera’s actual rating until we pass a production vehicle through the full safety test. But we are designing to exceed all passenger car standards and the previous version had the highest roof crush strength of all passenger cars on the road, and it performed exceedingly well in actual side and frontal crash tests.

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Aptera features a Formula One-inspired safety cell with advanced composites and metal structures for impact strength. Similar to aerospace and racing, these energy-absorbing methods are a core part of our safety strategy and have proven effective time and time again in high speed impacts.”

Investor enthusiasm

When Aptera unveiled its Launch Edition, investors rallied behind the cause. They raised more than $33 million to secure the first 2,000 reservation slots. This enthusiasm added to the $100 million already raised over the years by the company.

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Your chance to join the solar revolution

If you missed out on reserving one of these futuristic cars, fear not. You can still be part of the solar revolution by putting down $100 for a future production model. At an estimated cost of $33,200, the Aptera promises a greener, sun-powered commute.

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Kurt’s key takeaways

The Aptera gives us a glimpse into our sun-soaked future. Imagine cruising down the highway, powered by sunlight, with no charging stations in sight. It’s what the Aptera is promising to do. So keep your eyes out for this vehicle and more cars like it that are available with solar cells.

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