23 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World

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Every spoiled kid grows up differently. Some have it easier, others have to fight tooth and nail for everything they have from the get-go. Those who are lucky and have their parents spoil them find out how harsh life can be only later in life.

This moment comes at different times for different people. Some spoiled kids realize how good they had it once they leave the nest. Others only understand how coveted they were after a certain tragedy. One Redditor was curious to know the experiences of these children. So they asked: “Ex-spoiled kids, what [were] your reality checks?”

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 1.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World

There were a few small things that helped me realise I had it pretty good.

Learning that people waited until the last possible moment to turn the heating on, and not just having it come on automatically when it was cold.

Realising there were people who had to share rooms with their siblings.

My friend being shocked that my fridge had an ice dispenser and 2 doors.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 2.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


I always thought that if people actually tried to live frugally they wouldn’t complain. Now I realize that even if you’re single, have a tiny apartment with roommates, an old clunker, eat rice and beans, etc: you can barely make enough to live, much less set aside money to hopefully own a home one day without Mom and Dad’s help. Actually crazy how much life costs and how little we make.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 3.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


I failed out of an rich kid private college and the only place that admitted me was night school at a large public university. For the first time I was surrounded by working class people who were busting their a**es to improve their lives, working one or two jobs while going to school. Changed my perspective. That and a couple girlfriends (one now my wife) who were the first in their family to go to college who kicked the rich kid arrogance out of my sorry a*s.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 4.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


I was late to the game when it came to applying for colleges my senior year of high school, so when I accepted to go to a school 8 hours away from my hometown, I had missed the deadline to apply for a dorm or nearby apartment.

I ended up living in a house four miles away from campus with no car, and with the nearest bus stop being a 30 minute walk through tall grass next to a busy street with no sidewalks. I missed my bus the very first day of class and started sobbing. I called my mom and she empathized, but there was nothing she could do. That was the day I realized I had to start figuring things out on own and life would no longer be easy.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 5.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


I am the second child who got everything he wanted. My sister was the one to compromise everything for me. I wanted new phone, i got it. I wanted a new computer, i got that too. Basically everything i wanted i got it. While my sister was still using her old stuff. Now comes the part where at some point i realized this is wrong. When i go over memories of me getting the stuff i wanted my sisters eyes pop up, and they look sad man.

I ruined her childhood. I just wanna roll into a ball and cry.. not for me but for her. I was a horrible brother we fought a lot and everything had to go my way. We are grown ups now and every now and then when i look at her i feel shame. She has a beautiful family and is doing financially light years better than me. I’m so happy that she’s getting everything she wants but i know i will never get rid of the shame of what a spoiled kid i was..


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


I had a few reality checks. The first major one was during a Christmas gathering where my nephew received 2 new Playstation consoles and 1 new Xbox console. The idea was to send a Playstation to each parents house as they were separated. His comment was “is that it?” The amount of red that I saw was insane. I was a spoiled brat but I never made a comment quite like that. Made me realize how insufferable it is to be around a spoiled brat.

Second was when my mom had a stroke. Found out she took out a lot of loans in secret to afford a lifestyle facade. I was used to my mom fixing all my problems whether it be monetary or education based. We were told my mom would have 48 hours to live – needless to say I sobered up quickly and got my s**t together.

Nearly 9 years later and both mom and I are doing great!

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 7.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


Having a disabled child. I was an only child with a supportive dad and stay at home mom and I had a great childhood with very few responsibilities. When my first child was diagnosed with multiple lifelong disabilities I knew I had to grow up and put her first and be her advocate. It has made me a better person for sure.


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World


As my daughter got older, I realized my financial illiteracy was a real hindrance in life, coupled with the fact my parents never instilled any sort of work ethic in me as a teenager. My daughter will be getting a part-time summer job when she turns 14 and will need to contribute a portion to her savings account. When she starts driving, she’ll need to contribute to her insurance/gas costs.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 9.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

Doing habitat for humanity like trips to West Virginia and Nicaragua. Seeing other people’s homes in disrepair and then building a personal relationship with the home owners hits differently. These people were just born into their situation just like I was born into mine. It made me appreciate the stuff I have more


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

When I was complaining to a college classmate about how my laptop battery wouldn’t last for a whole class and I was really hoping for a new one from my parents for Christmas. I then learned her parents were homeless and she was just hoping by Christmas they’d have a roof over their heads. Big wake up call. We remain friends to this day.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 11.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

When my parents got divorced because my dad decided that drugs and hookers were more important than his family.

All my friends from my private school stopped talking to me because I was no longer ‘one of them’.
And I had to transfer to a public school. I pretended it was because I wanted to be in a co-ed environment and try out for cheerleader, but the reality was, we couldn’t afford it any more.
My horse was sold.
Then the IRS came after my family for back taxes and took my mother’s bank account, our house and sold our belongings – including my white princess canopy bed.
And to top it off – we had to move into the ‘projects’ after that.

This was in the 70s.


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

Dad worked in upper management for ExxonMobil. We had a very privileged upbringing. Private international education, trust funds (which i blew threw in two years after high school), if we flew we always travelled first class business, big house, cleaners and maids…you get the picture.

Long story short I was cut off by the time I was 20. I wasn’t attending university or college and working some dead-end job with zero prospects. Decided to live internationally, met a woman, married her and she pushed me to find a career. Now we own a house on 3 acres of land in the country side next to a lake in Nova Scotia. And I work a blue collar job in an industrial factory. I love our life and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I love my father and he taught us a valuable lesson. Privilege is earned, not given. Work hard, live hard, love hard.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 13.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

Moving away from Seattle for the first time. I grew up feeling embarrassed because we lived in a “modest” house ($2m), compared to the >$10m mansions my friends lived in. At one point after a date I had them drop me off down the street and I walked home because I didn’t want them to see my house. A literal $2m house. Moving out of that bubble/buying a house of my own really smacked me in the face with reality of how most people live and now looking back I can’t help but laugh a little at the ridiculousness of it all.


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

My dad read the book “Tough Love” and took it very seriously after I had two unsuccessful attempts at different colleges. Had to move out at 19 and it was challenging to say the least. Honestly I look back and think, I wasn’t a bad kid, just didn’t know what I wanted to do. I would never do the same to my kids, even though looking back I’m able to appreciate it as it made me stronger. (And earned my bachelors at 25) My brother and sister both stayed pretty sheltered and it still drives me nuts sometimes and we are in our 50s now!

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 15.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

My parents were super wealthy so all my siblings and I were spoiled. My brother however despised my parents and was super rebellious so he always rejected their help. As soon as he turned 18, he went to university, was able to pay for it himself through scholarships, part time jobs, paid internships and student loans. I remember visiting him during his uni years, asking if he needed money (I was younger than him btw) but he refused any help.

His living conditions were absolutely horrible. He would rent a locker on campus, put all his stuff inside and sleep on campus. He constantly looked for free food anywhere and everywhere. That’s when I started to realize how hard life would really be without my parents support. It gave me a new appreciation for my parents but I also started to respect my brother a lot more. Always thought he was just a delinquent lol


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

My dad loved me by buying me whatever I wanted. I was honestly pretty entitled about it. One year around my 15th or 16th birthday I asked for a laptop. He had already gotten me an old one from his work, but I couldn’t play Oblivion on it and the battery didn’t last long so I wanted a new one.

My dad got turned down for a best buy credit card right there in front of me and I didn’t get my laptop. It was one of the most uncomfortable 30 minutes of my life. He got me the laptop the next week, and I don’t know how. It was such a shellshock because before that moment, it never occured to me that his resources were limited and he was making sacrifices to give me things.

I didn’t want to embarass him going forward, but I also didn’t want to anything as expensive as a laptop, so every christmas became a complicated dance of trying to figure out how his year was and what I could ask for without putting him out.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 17.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

That you had to pay your debts back and debt was a real, countable thing. I always chalked it up to this imaginary thing that wasn’t a big deal. Oh boy.

I used to think “I don’t have any debt, I don’t have a credit card, or a car, or a mortgage so I’m debt free!” Then I remembered the govt paid for my uni degrees, and that that debt was indexed at the current rate of 7.10%, meaning I may never pay it off.


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

I went through the unemployment process and realized how very privileged I was to have a college degree and a car paid for by my family to lean back on when I lost my job. The discussions were u comfortable because I didn’t wanna reveal that I couldn’t relate to their struggles.

Many people have nothing and have to rely on except for themselves, through no fault of their own. I felt like such a brat going to the required classes to learn employment skills I already had that were so easy for me but were difficult and necessary to learn for many of the folks in them.

I always knew I was kinda privileged, but holy c**p I didn’t realize the gap just between blue collar and middle class.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 19.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

My mom had her own salon and I worked for her. I was a very spoiled, entitled and irresponsible 21 yo. I would party all night, come home at 4am and then go into work 30 min late without telling my mom. I thought I did a better job than everyone. I looked down on my moms employees. I didn’t care about customers and treated them badly. The list of negatives could go on and on.

Anyways my moms brother, my uncle, died unexpectedly. They were extremely close in every way almost like twins. My mom had a complete mental break down and stopped going into work immediately. I had to step in to take care of her business and employees while she took time off to mourn. She ended up taking 4 months off and went on a once in a lifetime all around the world vacation to cope with her grief. I literally had to take on a million responsibilities overnight. In those 4 months I took care of every single aspect of the salon without prior business knowledge. I realized how difficult having a business was and how ignorant I was before.

I got my c**p together real quick to save my family’s business and keep it afloat while my mom was gone. I really grew up from that experience and I’m glad I went through it. I never once took my mom, her business, customers, income or people in general for granted ever again


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

I got my first job at 19. They asked me to mop. I figured, I’ve seen people mop, right? I got this.

I did not have it.

I honestly can’t really comprehend Now what I could’ve done wrong but I was very embarrassed while being corrected on a normal every day task and I was teased a while at work after. (Also I looked up videos on sweeping.)

When I was living in my own apartment the first time (now 23) and called my dad panicked the first time the toilet clogged asking how to fix it.

Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 21.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

Joining the workforce. Very first day of my first job I was like “Oh s**t, this is what everyone was complaining about.”

Doesany body like stuff:
Omg I know. I was flabbergasted when I got my first full paycheck & had nothing leftover paying off my car, phone, insurance, credit card & medical insurance payments. I was like wtf mom how do you guys afford groceries, 2 cars and all this big house!!!


49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

When I discovered things like electricity and water come with monthly bills.

That hit me when I got to college and did off-campus apt living with some friends. I had zero understanding that I had to pay for water… You can imagine my confusion even more when I had to put in $1.25 for the washing machines every week… First thought I had was “who tf carries around loose change?” Now I have a little coin separator thingy in my car at all times and keep about $5 of loose change in it just in case!

Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment : 23.

49 Ex-Spoiled Kids Reveal The Moment They Were Hit By The Real World 

Seeing my friends and in-laws struggle to afford extracurriculars for their kids. Growing up in a high-income area, everyone I knew (myself and my siblings included) participated in activities like Girl Scouts, dance, gymnastics, soccer, softball, etc. There was never any question of affordability and uniforms and gear were always purchased brand new.

Now I see parents in my age group (early 30s) only being able to afford one, MAYBE two extracurricular activities per year. Girl Scouts, gymnastics, and clubs like the YMCA are too expensive. Dance classes for my niece were gifted as a birthday present and leotards were purchased used from thrift stores. She can’t do gymnastics because it’s way too expensive.

Definitely made me feel privileged and somewhat ashamed at how I took those opportunities for granted. My partner and his siblings never did anything outside of the included school activities due to their family being tight on money growing up. His siblings with kids want to give their kids more than they had, but it’s so expensive.

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