malaysia airlines flight mh370 texas company claims having new evidence fb

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 10 Years Later: Texas Company Unveils New Scientific Evidence

Nearly 10 years later, new evidence from an American company sparked hope in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with officials expressing confidence in approving a new search proposal, regardless of its cost. Texas-based company Ocean Infinity reportedly claimed to have found scientific evidence of the plane’s final resting place at the…

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minnesota identical twins change places after fatal amish crash fb

“It’s A Challenging Case”: Twins Pull A “Switcheroo” After One Of Them Is Involved In Fatal Car Crash

Two children riding in an Amish buggy have been killed in a fatal crash. Identical twin sisters from Minnesota, USA, are now facing various charges, including vehicular homicide, after allegedly swapping places in the vehicle. As one twin is currently being accused of driving under the influence while the other has been attempting to take the…

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table boston restaurant canceled reservation dispute fb

Man Cancels Reservation After He Ends Up In The Hospital, Receives “Gross” DM From Restaurant

A celebrity chef was accused of tracking down a customer’s Instagram profile and harassing them over a cancellation reservation, thus prompting serious backlash, the deletion of social media accounts, and an avalanche of negative reviews. The social profiles of Jen Royle and her three TABLE eateries went private or were deleted Friday (February 23) after a user on X…

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woman loses 650000 injury claim after being seen tossing christmas tree fb

Woman Sues For £650K In Injury Claim, But Insurance Company Finds Photos Of Her Throwing A Tree

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, you told a tale for all to see! A woman’s £650,000 ($824,850) injury claim following a car accident was rejected in an Irish court after she was seen winning a Christmas tree-throwing competition, leading the judge to conclude her declarations were exaggerated. 36-year-old Kamila Grabska reportedly sued an insurance company called RSA Insurance…

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