woman didnt tip hairdresser 350 service debate fb

Woman Goes Viral For Refusing To Tip On $350 Hair Styling, Reigniting Heated Debate

Tipping culture in the US, while customary, can often be seen as inconvenient due to its ambiguity and non-budget-friendly cost. A woman highlighted the issue but also sparked controversy in the process after explaining why she didn’t tip her hairdresser. Justice, a personal trainer from Chicago, USA, stirred up some heated debates about tipping when…

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dad invests son lottery winning keeps earnings fb

Man Invests Son’s Lottery Winnings, Family Drama Ensues As He Decides To Keep $40k For Himself

Managing money and sons is a difficult task, particularly when the children are old enough to think they know how to make decisions. After all, investing, college funds, all quite boring in the face of instant gratification. A man turned to the internet for advice after a marital disagreement on how he used his son’s “lottery winnings.”…

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