table boston restaurant canceled reservation dispute fb

Man Cancels Reservation After He Ends Up In The Hospital, Receives “Gross” DM From Restaurant

A celebrity chef was accused of tracking down a customer’s Instagram profile and harassing them over a cancellation reservation, thus prompting serious backlash, the deletion of social media accounts, and an avalanche of negative reviews. The social profiles of Jen Royle and her three TABLE eateries went private or were deleted Friday (February 23) after a user on X…

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tesla cancels expensive pie order small business owner speaks out fb

Tesla Under Fire For Canceling $2k Pie Order From Black-Owned Business At The Last Minute

A small business in California, USA, was left reeling after American multinational automotive company Tesla placed, then abruptly canceled, a substantial order, shedding light on the challenges faced by local businesses dealing with larger corporations. Voahangy Rasetarinera, the owner of a San Jose small business called The Giving Pies, reportedly said she took a big hit after Tesla had…

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