Florida woman disappears in Madrid after suspicious text, blacked-out surveillance cameras

A Florida woman, who took haven in Madrid, Spain amid her tumultuous divorce, has disappeared under mysterious circumstance, authorities said. In December, 40-year-old Ana Maria Knezevic moved into a Madrid, Spain apartment for a brief escape during her contentious divorce with her Serbian husband. At the beginning of February, authorities said that Knezevic mysteriously disappeared from her…

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fans wonder ben affleck jennifer lopez pretend happy relationship fb

Fans Wonder If Ben Affleck And J.Lo Are Pretending For The Cameras After Love Letter Incident

Recent revelations about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship have pushed fans to wonder whether the couple is treading rough waters in their marriage. Fans smell trouble after a recent report said that Ben Affleck, 51, was “taken aback” when his 54-year-old wife allowed others to read the private love letters that he penned for…

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