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Triplets Want Individual “Sweet 16s”, Tell Mom To Get An Extra Job If She Can’t Afford It

Being a single parent means juggling multiple roles, from provider to nurturer, and while mother and Reddit user Perfect_Phone9777 has been raising not one, but three kids, she’s been providing them everything they need. However, when the girls, who are triplets, approached their 16th birthday, they wanted to do something special, individually. The mom broke…

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Parents Outraged At Fundraiser Event Where Students Licked Peanut Butter Off Each Other’s Toes

A video of teenagers licking toes for charity at a fundraising event for a high school located in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA, has gone viral and sparked significant controversy, with the internet accusing the school of predatory behavior. The questionable event raised thousands of dollars. On February 29, Deer Creek High School hosted an assembly called…

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Mom’s “Entitled” Supermarket Parenting Has People Angry As She Held Up The Line

A seemingly ordinary trip to the supermarket with a toddler sparked a viral debate on parenting etiquette and consideration for others, as a mom faced criticism for letting her child learn and contribute at their own pace, a pace that wasn’t to everyone’s appreciation. After posting a viral video on TikTok showcasing her one-year-old at the supermarket…

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