“What Share? I Have No Kids To Babysit”: Woman Refuses To Chip In On Babysitting Costs

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Part of being an adult typically entails an increased number of responsibilities. While they don’t necessarily stand in the way of meeting one’s friends, they might call for a bit more planning and arrangements.

One of such arrangements left this redditor quite baffled after she—the only woman in the friend group without a child—was expected to chip in for the others’ babysitter.

Scroll down to find the full story in the OP’s own words below.

Getting together with a friend group tends to become increasingly difficult over time

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This redditor was expected to pitch in for her friends’ babysitter so they could enjoy a kid-free night

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Finding a nanny can sometimes be as difficult as getting the friends together

As people take on more and more responsibilities with age, be it work, family, or other reasons, it might be more and more difficult to maintain friendships—or stay in touch regularly, at least—especially with a big group of people.

If you, as an adult, have tried arranging a get-together with a friend group, you likely know how difficult it can get. (Sometimes even two people are enough to make it impossible to find a date that fits both.) While one friend works a weird schedule, the other one is looking after two kids, the third one is constantly in and out of the country, and the fourth one is busy doing who knows what—getting such a dynamic group together might require all stars to align and three more miracles to happen.

That’s just one example of a group of adults that would likely encounter difficulties trying to end up in the same place at the same time. Others might find it difficult for more comparable reasons, such as kids, for instance, as it was in the OP’s friends’ case, which can be solved by hiring a babysitter.

That might be easier said than done, though. A 2023 survey found that the vast majority of parents face troubles trying to find a person to look after their bundle of joy. Roughly half of the respondents said they get time away from their kids at least once a week, but if it was easier to find a sitter, more than six-in-ten of them reportedly would.

Spending some time away from one’s kids every once in a while might be a good idea

According to the 2023 survey, not being able to find a babysitter affects parents in many ways. For instance, four-in-five of them say that not getting time apart strains the relationship with their partner. Other respondents—nearly 70% of them—believe that spending time away from their kids sometimes is beneficial, because it alleviates the mental load of being a parent.

These reasons arguably make hiring a babysitter, upon finding a suitable one, a worthy investment; even though it seems to be getting more and more expensive. Statista revealed that the annual household expenditure on babysitting and child care has been somewhat steadily growing for the last decade or so (with 2018 and the pandemic years being an exception).

Even though hiring a babysitter can quite significantly add to the parents’ overall expenses of a night out, expecting your childless friend to cover such expenses—even if for the night when it’s her time to pay—might not be fair. At least that’s what the majority of netizens in the comment under the OP’s post believed, and they made sure to let her know.

Fellow netizens shared their opinions in the comments, the OP replied to some of them

Woman Refuses To Chip In For Babysitting Because She Doesn’t Even Have Kids, Asks If She’s A Jerk

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