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‘Golden Girls’ star Betty White made jokes at Estelle Getty’s ‘expense’ to deflect from her dementia

“Golden Girls” writer Stan Zimmerman is reflecting on the ever-eclectic, significantly talented group of women he’s worked with in Hollywood, as well as some of the intriguing dynamics he witnessed on set of one of America’s most beloved sitcoms.  He writes extensively about his experiences in his book, “The Girls: From Golden To Gilmore,” and…

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research shows men and women understand emojis differently fb

Men And Women Have Different Interpretations For Emojis, Research Shows

Women interpret emojis differently to men, a new study suggests. Researchers selected 24 emojis—taken from Apple, Windows, Android, and WeChat platforms—and labeled them according to six emotional states: happy, disgusted, fearful, sad, surprised, and angry. They found women were able to more accurately interpret happy, fearful, sad, and angry emoji labels compared to men. Meanwhile, the…

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