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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 10 Years Later: Texas Company Unveils New Scientific Evidence

Nearly 10 years later, new evidence from an American company sparked hope in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with officials expressing confidence in approving a new search proposal, regardless of its cost. Texas-based company Ocean Infinity reportedly claimed to have found scientific evidence of the plane’s final resting place at the…

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Uber Passenger Cancels Ride Mid-Trip So She Could Have The Rest For Free, Instantly Regrets It

From funky costumes to unexpected fluffy companions, rideshare uber drivers are full of surprises. However, so are the passengers, and as Reddit user smkAce0921 learned, they’re not always pleasant. In a post on the platform’s ‘Malicious Compliance’ forum, he explained that a couple of years ago, when he was Bering, people started increasingly employing a…

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Man Sues His Ex For Half Of The $1.3M Lottery Ticket She Bought When They Were Together

Winning millions out of pure luck sounds like bliss until you get hit by the purported misfortunes that befall jackpot winners that is the lottery curse, exemplified by the bitter dispute ignited by a scratchcard jackpot that was purchased by a couple. 39-year-old Michael Cartlidge claimed he and his former girlfriend, 37-year-old Charlotte Cox, purchased a…

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School Bully Gets Beaten Up, Mom Refuses To Punish Her Son For It When She Finds Out He Did It

If you remember, in the movie Captain America: Civil War, one important issue was raised which many viewers almost lost sight of, hidden by the large-scale and spectacular battles of superheroes. And the question is: how appropriate is it for people (or superheroes, it doesn’t matter) to take justice into their own hands? Steve Rogers was…

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