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Woman’s Mother Demands Her $700k Inheritance Because It’s ‘Unethical’ But She Can ‘Sanitize’ It

Inheritance battles are a popular theme in fiction. (Any Succession fans out there?) But one Reddit user claims it’s become her life. Speaking to the ‘AITAH‘ community, the woman revealed that her late great-aunt supposedly left her $700K, and now that the lady has passed, it should have been transferred to her bank account. Only there’s one…

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New Study Reveals Mismatch Between Tattoo Ink Contents And Label Description In US Market

If you’ve been tattooed in the US, the ink under your skin may have more components than you previously imagined, a new study reveals. The study, conducted by Binghamton University and titled “What’s in my ink: An analysis of commercial tattoo ink on the U.S. market,” shows discrepancies between the ingredient labels on tattoo ink and the actual substances in the bottle….

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“You Want Me To Brew Coffee? Fine”: Woman Makes Sure She’s Never Asked To Make Coffee Again

Having a cup of coffee at work might seem like a simple concept – until you become responsible for everyone’s fix. In a post on the popular subreddit ‘Malicious Compliance,’ platform user SarraSimFan recalled the time when she found herself unexpectedly tasked with operating the office coffee maker despite having no experience with or interest…

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Entitled Hotel Guest Calls Concierge A “Little Girl” When She Doesn’t Do His Bidding, Regrets It

Entitled people are everywhere, and they’re a breed unto themselves. Unfortunately, dealing with them is another matter. People who work customer-facing jobs are often at the mercy of rude and demanding people. We’ve all heard horror stories about what retail workers must endure. But what about high-end hotels or swanky places? You probably wouldn’t imagine demanding people…

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