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Man Cancels Reservation After He Ends Up In The Hospital, Receives “Gross” DM From Restaurant

A celebrity chef was accused of tracking down a customer’s Instagram profile and harassing them over a cancellation reservation, thus prompting serious backlash, the deletion of social media accounts, and an avalanche of negative reviews. The social profiles of Jen Royle and her three TABLE eateries went private or were deleted Friday (February 23) after a user on X…

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“Got Called A Creep For Ordering Same Food As An Entitled Woman”: Man Faces Bizarre Accusations

Few people like dealing with entitled people; that’s why individuals who find themselves in such a situation tend to receive sympathetic looks from those around them. After having encountered an entitled person in the wild, redditor ‘Odd_Acanthisitta_853’ received not only sympathetic looks but some extra chicken, too. That’s because he had to deal with an entitled…

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“Go Away, Leave Me Alone”: Karen Refuses To Swap Her Moldy Food, Employee Maliciously Complies

When a job position involves interacting with clients, it’s important to have good customer service skills. However, no matter how good one’s abilities might be, some people just can’t be pleased. Or rather, they just want to be left to their own devices. Recently, Redditor Eaglefeather148 shared a similar encounter where a lady was desperately trying to…

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