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“I Have A Write-Up For You”: Supervisor Tries Discipline Driver For No Reason, Regrets It Supervisor

Work is more than just our direct responsibilities. Direct superiors and higher-ups have their own agendas and biases, and can sometimes complicate our day with unnecessary nonsense. This rings especially true for Reddit user A-Truckers-Thoughts. Talking to the platform’s ‘Malicious Compliance‘ community, the employee recalled the unjust scrutiny they had faced from a difficult supervisor. However,…

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“Do You Have A Crush On My Husband?”: Coworker Crosses Major Boundary, Regrets It

Contrary to what romantic comedies and daring relationship stories might lead you to believe, having a crush on someone doesn’t immediately make you into a plot-critical, above-the-law main character who “gets the girl despite adversity.” In reality, if you do end up developing a crush on your coworker’s husband, then attaining his phone number through…

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MIL Pierces 16-Month-Old Baby’s Ears Behind Mom’s Back, Family Drama Ensues

Mother truly knows best. Rarely do others possess the wisdom, intuition, and experience they have when it comes to their children. And still, some people completely dismiss this and try to teach them how to raise their kids the “right way.” Similar to redditor Saltyseasoning21’s in-laws, who started nagging her about piercing her daughter’s ears shortly…

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Husband Begs Wife Not To Throw Away 13 Years Together Over A “Mistake”, She’s Not Having It

Cheating is always awful when you’re on the receiving end. It’s even worse when it involves one of your siblings. The ‘keep it in the family’ rule definitely doesn’t apply here. It can divide the whole extended family and make repairing previously close relationships nearly impossible. The author of this story found out her husband was cheating…

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