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Woman Shares Bride-From-Hell’s Wedding Invitations That Made Her Bail On The Event Altogether

If you think you’ve seen the worst of the worst in terms of bridezillas, buckle up ‘cause it’s about to get wild. Imagine being invited to a wedding, but the wedding would include essentially just one thing: electricity. Everything else? Food, drinks, accommodations, all that jazz? Nope, you gotta bring that yourself. Weddings impose expectations—both on the part of…

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Couple Plans A Small Getaway Wedding To Avoid Family Drama, Gets Friends’ Drama Instead

Being a good friend means being there for them, no matter what. It means showing up, not just when things get tough, but also to celebrate Wedding their biggest wins in life! However, you won’t really know what their actual priorities are until the friendship gets put to the test. Redditor u/Disastrous-Day-3751 recently turned to the AITA…

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