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Triplets Want Individual “Sweet 16s”, Tell Mom To Get An Extra Job If She Can’t Afford It

Being a single parent means juggling multiple roles, from provider to nurturer, and while mother and Reddit user Perfect_Phone9777 has been raising not one, but three kids, she’s been providing them everything they need. However, when the girls, who are triplets, approached their 16th birthday, they wanted to do something special, individually. The mom broke…

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mom demands give away aunts inheritance fb

Woman’s Mother Demands Her $700k Inheritance Because It’s ‘Unethical’ But She Can ‘Sanitize’ It

Inheritance battles are a popular theme in fiction. (Any Succession fans out there?) But one Reddit user claims it’s become her life. Speaking to the ‘AITAH‘ community, the woman revealed that her late great-aunt supposedly left her $700K, and now that the lady has passed, it should have been transferred to her bank account. Only there’s one…

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adam sandler tried bonding with teen daughters in films and failed fb

Adam Sandler Candidly Jokes Daughters Avoid Him Despite Sharing Screen Time In “Spaceman”

Adam Sandler’s daughters have seemingly tried to avoid using their nepo baby status in their private lives as they have been “avoiding” talking to the actor, who recently discussed working with them in films at the premiere of his new movie Spaceman, highlighting the challenges of parental bonding. The 57-year-old comedy star was accompanied by…

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syracuse mom bursts into daughters classroom attacks teacher fb

“Dedicated” Teacher Gets Violently Attacked By Mother Who Broke Into Her Daughter’s School

Don’t poke the mama bear unless you want to end up with several broken bones. An American mother violently assaulted her daughter’s teacher in front of horrified students, resulting in severe injuries and criminal charges. 31-year-old Lynzina Sutton, from Syracuse, New York, USA, burst into her daughter’s classroom and repeatedly punched her teacher in the face, breaking several…

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