adam sandler tried bonding with teen daughters in films and failed fb

Adam Sandler Candidly Jokes Daughters Avoid Him Despite Sharing Screen Time In “Spaceman”

Adam Sandler’s daughters have seemingly tried to avoid using their nepo baby status in their private lives as they have been “avoiding” talking to the actor, who recently discussed working with them in films at the premiere of his new movie Spaceman, highlighting the challenges of parental bonding. The 57-year-old comedy star was accompanied by…

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jenna ortega martin freeman millers girl risque scene fans disturbed fb

Fans Divided Over “Gross” Scenes With Jenna Ortega And Older Martin Freeman In “Miller’s Girl”

We all know Jenna Ortega from playing Wednesday in Netflix’s Addams Family spin-off, released in 2022. But the star takes on a completely different role in her latest film, Miller’s Girl, where her intimate scene with Martin Freeman is already causing a stir online. In the dark-comedy drama, Ortega plays 18-year-old student Cairo Sweet, who becomes romantically entangled…

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