14 Jerk-Attracting Professions, According To Folks Online

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Sometimes you end up developing an almost instinctive dislike of someone in a specific profession because of a handful of bad experiences. However, there do seem to be careers that naturally attract the absolutely worst people.

Someone asked “Which occupations are filled with people who have the worst personality?” and netizens shared their experiences.

From petty tyrants to sociopaths looking to get rich, get comfortable as you read through, upvote your favorites, and be sure to share your own thoughts and experiences below. 

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Jerk-Attracting Professions : 01.

45 Jerk-Attracting Professions, According To Folks Online


The highest profit is achieved by:

– Agents who convince people to take the highest possible premium, often selling them things they don’t need

– Adjusters who deny as many claims as possible, with many examples of companies that initially deny all claims

– Systems that prevent customers from doing anything about the above

There’s no way to run this business ethically, and it shows.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 02.

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People in positions of minimal power. I.e. Jobs that require little education, aren’t paid well but give just enough power over people to potentially ruin their day. Airport security, parking attendant, mall security, ticket inspectors, all professions filled with frustrated souls who take out their frustrations on others.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 03.

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If you are an absolute twat but you dont hide it and everyone knows youre a twat thats fine.

The worst is when absolute twats pretend to care about others and be friendly just to screw you over when theres an occasion. They will lie they are concerned to your face just to finish the meeting and go and gossip about the „confidential” stuff. You told them you are sick? Asked for a raise? Reported a misconduct? Their 30 workplace buddies already know it. Never met HR/People person which is not fake.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 04.

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Without a shred of doubt, public relations.

All they’re good at is making themselves look good while being the absolute worst people within and towards each other. I don’t care if you’re a PR professional reading this, you’re probably part of it and you’d already been convinced otherwise.

Y’all can burn in a fire.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 05.

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I used to work in events and we hired our spaces to people from many industries. By far the worst clients were from fashion. Wanted everything immediately with massive discounts and they were extremely demanding. A very “don’t you know who I am” kind of attitude.

I understand that to get into that industry you essentially have to work for free for several years so only trust fund kids make it.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 06.

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I worked in union construction during the pandemic and a bit after. I have never seen a more miserable group of people making six figures in my life. How the hell are you making $110k a year, amazing benefits, and you are still missing front teeth?!.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 07.

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Nursing, particularly in the administrative neck of it. Many take the “I worked in the trenches and earned my dues” attitude to 11 and will rage on people like they just finished a double at 10am on a Monday.

Calm down about being a healthcare hero Sharon, you drove to work in a car worth more than your CNAs annual salary and haven’t worn scrubs since the W Bush administration.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 08.

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Truck drivers. I work with a lot of them, and I have heard some of the most vile things from truck driver mouths. Things like castrating every prisoner, practicing eugenics, crushing people on the highway who get in their way, and general right wing talking points turned up to 11. All things said to me by truck drivers I’ve just met. Most also don’t clean up after themselves too.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 09.

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Psychiatric Nurses are some of the most abusive and foul people I have had the displeasure of meeting. Every time.

It’s a job that gives you complete and total control over vulnerable people. Vulnerable people that nobody cares about and nobody will believe, because they’re mentally ill. Abuse runs f*****g rampant.

Good people don’t seek out jobs that give you complete control over others like that. It’s the same thing with cops.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 10.

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Musicians ….not hobbyists or volunteers in a choir or something 

But actual proper paid classic musicians . The kind who turn their nose up at applause because it’s not etiquette at a concert….

Or the kind who can’t connect with someone new  starting out and look down on them  for trying to learn….  Or scoff at musicians with subpar or more financially  friendly instruments.. and refuse to teach them . 

The kind who scoff at  mistakes and put others down  for imperfect performance /technical  skills while simultaneously googling…..how can I improv better  and also pick flaws in themselves every two seconds! 

The ones who  don’t even consider any other genre to be music  .

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 11.

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I’ve noticed that academia tends to draw in people who are, how should I say….. heavy? Some great personalities too but also people who could, how should I say this…..not hold a job anywhere else, probably? Who don’t have that many friends in real life, maybe?

I loved my studies but having worked as a research assistant and knowing people who work in administrative jobs at universities, I decided I never wanna get into that field. Just too much snobbery, elitism, hierarchies etc.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 12.

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Computer programmer, and I say this as one. Some of us are cool (I hope that’s me too), and tbh the chill ones tend to be better at their jobs.

But like, a lot of them have this weird ego about writing code. It’s like they think that being able to write code is the most impossibly difficult technical skill in the universe and by doing it they are the smartest people in the world. They look down on everyone without their specific skillset as hapless morons who couldn’t possibly comprehend their astonishing intellects.

I like what I do. I think I’m good at it. But I also think that there are many, many professions more difficult and complicated than what I do and I don’t think that anyone who can’t do what I do must be an idiot.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 13.

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Kitchens. We’re all a******s at work. lol. One of the highest rates of d**g, alcohol or other addiction problems. Generally antisocial towards the general public. Lots of ex-cons.

We’re basically motorcycle or pirate gangs thrust into roles in normal society. lol.

Jerk-Attracting Professions : 14.

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Police departments, they are full of the absolutely last people who should be trusted with police powers. They are full of racists, white nationalists, fascists with low IQ’s because they screen out the intelligent one’s before they ever make it to the academy. Almost every police department in the country is full of corrupt cops who beat suspects and then cover for each other.

Any occupation that gives you a lot of power over people. Good people tend to mind their own business and they don’t crave power to control people thus we are doomed to be governed by bad people.

Cold caller! You really have to not give a f**k about absolutely anything to handle that job.  Unfortunately this means people with zero self awareness or tact often thrive here.

I was unemployed and needed money badly, so applied to a position and got in. I lasted one shift (the sheer amount of nonstop automated calling + verbal abuse was too hard for me). On my first day, the rest of the cold call team were loudly and plainly discussing gross topics. I’ll never forget meeting this woman who then immediately went on to talk about her vaginal discharge (she even used the word “discharge” lol) with the team before our shift started.

Not every cold caller is this way, of course. Some people are probably just really great at compartmentalizing work/life. But every single one in that office was nasty.

Journalist. In my experience, the journalists who remain journalists for most of their career are loud, highly opinionated, try to appear smarter than everyone else, have huge chips on their shoulders, and have terribly corrupted their ideas of truth and what the public “needs to know.” The thing is there are not many career journalists. At every paper I worked, the journos usually only lasted a couple of years as true reporters; they almost always ended up becoming editors at some point. So a career might look like two years on a junior beat, maybe five on a top beat, then you’d get moved to night editor or another non-reporting position. When you’re editing instead of reporting everything changes.

The reporters who chase awards though, the career reporters who often seem to insert their name into the story somehow? They’re the worst. The guy who has a dozen awards but has worked for a dozen papers, the guy who wears a fedora to meetings, the reporter that throws a fit because their story gets turned from a 3000 word feature into an 800-word article, yeah those people are all the worst. Sparks really fly if you have a crusty old editor and a hotshot reporter who thinks they know how to spell.

100% Life Coach. I’ve literally never met one that wasn’t a completely manipulative piece of s**t. The entire profession is a f*****g pyramid scheme.

I think all fields have bad people in them because bad people exist everywhere, but professions that seem glamorous tend to attract some of the worst. Fashion, music, film & tv all have an endless supply of people desperate to break in, so there’s a big potential for abuse to take place.

Moderators in online community. Their job is basically accusing users of posting what the mods also do.

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