syracuse mom bursts into daughters classroom attacks teacher fb

“Dedicated” Teacher Gets Violently Attacked By Mother Who Broke Into Her Daughter’s School

Don’t poke the mama bear unless you want to end up with several broken bones. An American mother violently assaulted her daughter’s teacher in front of horrified students, resulting in severe injuries and criminal charges. 31-year-old Lynzina Sutton, from Syracuse, New York, USA, burst into her daughter’s classroom and repeatedly punched her teacher in the face, breaking several…

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james biden3

James Biden ‘contradicted’ himself during testimony on brother’s involvement in family business: GOP lawmakers

GOP lawmakers on Wednesday accused James Biden of contradicting himself during testimony about his brother’s supposed business dealings with the family.  The president’s brother initially said he was not part of a deal with his nephew Hunter Biden and business associates Rob Walker, Tony Bobulinski, and James Gilliar, according to a source familiar with the interview.  But when presented…

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mil ignores wife wishes newborn gets sick fb

MIL Doesn’t Want To Wait 2 Months To See Newborn, Comes Over Unannounced And Gets The Baby Sick

Having a new baby in the family is a blessing. However, it is absolutely essential for everyone to respect the parents’ boundaries and take the child’s health into account! Though everyone might want to visit the infant and shower them with love, it’s important to wait so that they don’t fall ill. Ignoring this can put the child’s life…

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