This Groups Is Dedicated To Everything ‘Europe,’ Here Are 45 Of Their Most Interesting Posts (New Pics)

This Groups Is Dedicated To Everything ‘Europe,’ Here Are 45 Of Their Most Interesting Posts (New Pics)

No matter where you live and how much of the world you have already seen, there’s always so much more out there to explore; it can take ages to properly acquaint yourself with one particular city, not to mention an entire country or a continent.

Luckily, there’s a way to familiarize yourself with what’s happening in certain territories—and quite large ones, too—in just a matter of a few seconds; and that’s the internet. Today we’re focusing on Europe and the interesting facts about it, as well as the beautiful places in it, as they have been presented by members of the ‘Europe‘ subreddit. Scroll down to find their posts on the list below and familiarize yourself better with one of the seven continents of the world.

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#1 Town Of Kiruna, Sweden

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#2 A Seaside Toilet In The Bay Of Kotor

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#3 Early Morning Foggy Gdańsk, Poland

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Nowadays, the continent of Europe is home to roughly 740 million people. According to recent statistics, the majority of them live in Russia, which is the largest country in the continent population-wise, followed by Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain respectively.

#4 Strasbourg Cathedral Last Week

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#5 Lithuanian Guy Rowed Across The Atlantic Ocean From Spain To Florida In 120 Days!

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In addition to permanent residents, Europe is brimming with visitors from all over the world. In the first half of last year, tourism in the European Union—which entails the majority of the countries located in Europe—reached the highest level in the past decade.

According to Eurostat, during the first half of 2023, there were 1193 million nights spent in tourist accommodations, which marked an increase of 11 million compared to the same period the year before.

#6 The Crimean Bridge

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#7 Roman Mosaic Discovered Near To The Shard, London

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#8 View Of Italy From The International Space Station

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If you’re curious about what city in Europe attracts the most visitors, it wouldn’t probably take you a lot of guesses to get it right; it’s Paris (at least based on 2022 data).

The city of love, good food, and the language that sounds so beautiful but can be so torturously difficult to master (trying to learn the numbers alone can make you want to wave the white flag) reportedly recorded roughly 19.4 million inbound tourist arrivals. Ranking just below Paris, London and Istanbul were popular destinations, too, with over 16 million inbound arrivals each.

#9 German Police Protect Bucket-Wheel-Excavator From Climate Activists In The Former Village Of Lützerath (Source In Comments)

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#10 Utrecht, Netherlands

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#11 A New Flagpole At The Nato Headquarters Installed

Coming back to languages and French being a difficult one to learn, I might have been too quick—or too biased—to judge, as in the context of other languages, it falls within the category of the easiest ones in Europe for an English speaker to learn.

Other mother tongues in the same category—which reportedly take less than 24 weeks of learning to reach speaking and reading proficiency—are Spanish, Italian, and Norwegian, just to name a few. 

The second hardest, requiring roughly 30 weeks, is German, followed by Polish and Lithuanian, just to name a couple, with 44 weeks, and Hungarian and Finnish with an undetermined number of weeks, as no one would probably last long enough to master something as difficult as this.

#12 In 2014, This French Weather Presenter Announced The Forecast For 18 August 2050 In France As Part Of A Campaign To Alert To The Reality Of Climate Change.

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Now Her Forecast That Day Is The Actual Forecast For The Coming 4 Or 5 Days, In Mid-June 2022

#13 France And Italy Share A Lot Of Cultural Features, But People Often Fail To Grasp How Centralised France Is Compared To How Decentralised Italy Is, At Least Regarding Population.

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Different Historical Paths, Different Political And Social Dynamics Today

#14 A Fully Stocked Supermarket In Kherson. Despite It Being A Ukrainian Frontline City

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While languages in countries all over Europe are indeed fascinating, not many people choose to travel to—or within the bounds of—the continent just to hear them with their own ears. The majority of visitors arguably seek to explore some of the most popular landmarks, or on the contrary, the hidden gems unknown to the masses, and gain some unforgettable travel experience.

Those more interested in the popular sites, as seen in pictures online and TV screens, likely still have Paris in their minds; and for a reason, as it is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower—undeniably one of the most recognizable landmarks in Europe, if not in the entire world.

#15 British Newspaper ”the New European” Print Edition Cover, 23 – 29 September

#16 Sea And Football. Trogir, Croatia

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#17 Detail Of The Hercules Armour Of The Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II

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After analyzing the data from Google searches, Tripadvisor reviews, TikTok views, and Instagram hashtags, Holiday Cars found that the iconic structure is indeed Europe’s most popular tourist destination, googled roughly 84.4 million times yearly.

Other popular landmarks on Holiday Car’s list respectively were Big Ben and Westminster Palace in London, Gaudi’s iconic architectural marvel, the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Colosseum and Roman Forum in the Italian capital, Rome, and Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

#18 University Lunch In France ! (1.2€)

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#19 Lemmer, Netherlands

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#20 Roman Mosaic Discovered In The Croatian Town Of Hvar

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While visiting the places in Europe—or elsewhere in the world, for that matter—is undoubtedly more fun to do firsthand, sometimes it simply might not be possible to. But that shouldn’t deter you from working on that bucket list, as it can still happen; and before it does, make use of the internet and browse whatever it is that interests you the most.

#21 German Ww2 Bunker That Has Fallen From The Cliff, Normandy, France

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#22 Norwegians Certainly Know How To Sell Themselves

#23 Bobi From Portugal, The Oldest Dog In History, Turned 31

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#24 This Dog You See Helped Find People In The Earthquake Area In Turkey

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#25 The European Bison Population Is Recovering. Recently Scientist In Poland Observed Biggest Heard Ever Containing 170 Bisons Including 40 Calves

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#26 Reconstructed 8th Century Viking Hall In Lejre, Denmark

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#27 Vasco De Gama Bridge In Lisbon, Portugal. The Longest (Standing) Bridge In Europe

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#28 I Just Changed A Lightbulb That Was So Old It Was „made In Czechoslovakia“. It Has Been In Use Every Day Since 1990…

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#29 Kharkiv Pride In Kharkiv Metro. A City, Bombed Almost Every Day

#30 Bulgarian Navy Detonating A Mine In The Black Sea

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#31 Italian Alps

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#32 Finnish Family Coach (Lastenvaunu) In Inter-City Trains

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#33 In West Belfast, Northern Ireland

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#34 Third Night Of Protests In Tbilisi. Georgians Demand Resignation Of Government, Early Elections

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#35 Hiking In Switzerland [oc]

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#36 Pula, Croatia

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#37 Heavy Snowfall In Athens, Greece

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#38 The River Loire Today, Loireauxence, Loire-Atlantique, France

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#39 Lone Deer Running Across The Green Fields Of Moravia, Czech Republic

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#40 Environmentalists In Berlin Protest Against The Government’s Decision To Close Nuclear Power Plants

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#41 Ruptured Fault Line Can Be Seen In Turkey

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#42 Before And After In Łódź, Poland

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#43 Anatolian Plate Moved 3-3,5 Meters After The Earthquake

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#44 Old Town In Kraków, Poland

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#45 Troll Hunting Season In Denmark

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