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Vegan Wants To Pay For Friend’s Entire Bday Dinner, He Picks A Place That Makes Fun Of Vegans

Generosity and reciprocity are core parts of friendship. Being true friends with someone means understanding the need for a healthy give-and-take dynamic. You naturally want to do nice things for each other without attaching any strings. So it’s a bit of a head-scratcher when someone who you thought you were close to does something slightly…

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Child-Free Woman Can’t Bring Her Dog On Trip, Is Still Expected To Pay For Friends’ Kids

Lots of things change over time, and while some friend groups stick together through it all, the dynamics might inevitably change, too. For this redditor, things started shifting when her friends started having children. The group grew bigger and bigger and the OP—the only one without kids—was expected to go with the flow, which entailed…

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“I Finally Learned The Truth”: Man Considers Leaving GF On A Vacation Without Telling Her

In relationships, making plans together is a crucial aspect of building intimacy. However, what happens when those plans are hijacked by unforeseen circumstances? Or even worse, egotistical personal interests? Reddit user Caesar-Sensei hadn’t seen his girlfriend in months, so when the two of them went on a long-awaited vacation together, he wanted to milk every second of…

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