“AITA For Refusing To Go To My Sister’s Wedding, Knowing It Means Our Family Won’t Attend?”

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It means the world to marrying couples if their loved ones can make it to their wedding. After all, it makes sense that they want their nearest and dearest to witness their celebration of love. However, when the guests start making unreasonable demands, it can lead to a lot of hurt feelings—on all sides.

One anonymous woman turned to the AITA online community for their verdict after she was uninvited from her sister’s wedding and then stirred up some drama.

Many internet users were shocked by her behavior and were candid about their take on the situation. Scroll down for the full story, as well as the response from the internet.

One woman shocked the internet after she revealed how she reacted when her sister uninvited her from her wedding due to her demands

“AITA For Refusing To Go To My Sister's Wedding, Knowing It Means Our Family Won't Attend?”

Couples shouldn’t feel pressured to change their entire weddings just because one person is unhappy

According to the OP, her sister should have taken her feelings into account and thrown a child-free wedding. While some couples do decide to organize child-free weddings, and there are some pros to doing this, nobody should feel like they’re forced to make the decision.


Organizing a wedding is about finding a nice balance between how the happy couple envisions what’s supposed to be the happiest day of their lives and what their guests would enjoy. Ultimately, the marrying couple has the final say about who gets invited and what the general theme of the wedding is. As for the details, they can alter some of them to better suit the needs of their guests and make them feel more comfortable.

Not inviting kids because one of your family members dislikes them would mean upsetting lots of other guests instead. At the end of the day, everyone is free to organize their own child-free weddings if they want it. However, they shouldn’t demand that others massively change their plans for the wedding and the guestlist due to their personal mental health and emotional issues.

The entire drama didn’t stop there, however. Instead of graciously bowing out of taking part in the wedding, the author of the post shared how she then stirred up drama on social media on purpose. She made herself look like the victim. Meanwhile, many of her sister’s guests are now refusing to attend.

“AITA For Refusing To Go To My Sister's Wedding, Knowing It Means Our Family Won't Attend?”

The AITA online community was absolutely horrified by what happened. Many redditors called the OP out for being entitled and manipulative. Others suggested that she seek professional help from mental health specialists.

Meanwhile, some internet users suggested that the OP might have been jealous of her sister and wanted to draw more attention to herself.

Even though sibling rivalry can be seen in many families, past a certain point, it becomes very unhealthy

Sibling rivalry is not uncommon. However, it can be very unhealthy if it goes too far. Verywell Mind points out that some of the signs of such rivalry include jealousy, bragging, showing off, as well as a strong focus on competition.

On top of that, siblings who compete with one another do so for their parents’ attention and support. If taken too far, sibling rivalry can lead to family members not treating each other as equals, even as adults.

“AITA For Refusing To Go To My Sister's Wedding, Knowing It Means Our Family Won't Attend?”

In some cases, siblings actually see each other as enemies and try to undermine them in whatever way possible.

The best thing to do in these cases would be to get together and talk things out. Get to the root of the problem. Try to reconcile your differences. Genuinely listen to each other instead of accusing one another about ‘always doing this or that.’

Now, let’s not be naive: that’s easier said than done. In more serious cases, folks may need to go to therapy for a long time to change their perspective and heal their relationships with their relatives.

Alternatively, they may need to decide to reduce the amount of contact they have if they feel that their differences are irreconcilable. However, that means being polite and tolerant when contact does happen. Actively harming each other is not going to make anyone happy.

Most readers were very critical of the author. Here’s what they had to say about the entire drama

“AITA For Refusing To Go To My Sister's Wedding, Knowing It Means Our Family Won't Attend?”

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